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Gabriella Federici

Long time ago, a man, a big man named Ivo, came back from German; he was brought over there with the “tradotte”, a main of transport used to carry cattle on rail. The reason he made the trip was that somebody decided to make the second world folly. Anyway one day Ivo came back home, at his parents’, at his Iolanda, that he married by proxy and somebody rather different from this one of second world folly decided to give him a new being as a gift: Ivo wanted to call her Gabriella. Thanks to people like Ivo I grew up in years of great economic development and, thus, wellness. I passed all the phases of my existence in simplicity.  According to me, it was a simplicity that enclosed all the best of the life: games, school, youth carefreeness, a family, a daughter, two nieces and a job. I did many jobs, but they were all at people’s service. I always worked with humility, trying to make the best of myself. On my pathway there were light and less light moments, but everyday had as a frame the beauty of dawn, the explosion of daytime, the glamour of sunset, the glitter of a star.

Nothing I deny, Nothing I regret, as for me the life had been beautiful… and then, from time to time, there were some unexpected gifts. The last gift was made by Ages 2.0. I do not have words to express my gratitude for this gift: the ability to know and to discover. Which richness is greater? Of course, this shoud be a mean and not an end in order to have the possibility of self-improvement until the last day of life. I started this note telling a story: our past is important, we should never forget it, because it’s on this ground that we make the present and plan the future. I have to say “thank” for all that I have had during my life, but to those? Maybe to the life itself, held in its mistery.