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Glauco Mancini

My name is Glauco Mancini, I was born in Pesaro on May, 8,1921. I ran serious risk of getting landed with an “impossible name”. Fortunately Glauco had the upper hand.

I lived an happy childhood albeit the quite poor conditions. Anyway such living conditions were quite common and were considered normal. Moreover we didn’t have a real wellness parameter that could make us feel wretched, thus the suspect  a better way of living could exist did not torment our time.

Year by year my adolescence was obsessed by the threats of war. It seemed on the point of exploding at any moment.   My mother used to pray God to make the war start if it had to but just before I was to take part. Instead, it did explode when I had just turned 19. I had to move from a place to another to make the war five years long, as official of bersaglieri (Italian army corp).  I had been through a lot: endless dangers, cold weather, hunger, all kind of problems, the afflicting certainty to be on the point of dying. But I was back. Whole.

I graduated in Venice in Foreign Languages and I began quickly to teach. I discovered the vocation of teaching casually. School filled my life 52 years long (40 + 12) . School gave me great satisfactions that last still now. Pupils have told about me: “Extremely severe but extremely loved”.

Currently, on retirement, I still like reading and studying. Every day I go in the countryside, where I take care of abandoned dogs that I adopt day by day.  I am certain that finally Saint Anthony the Abbot will remember me and he will forgive some of my sins.