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Maria Grazia Ravaini

My name is Maria Grazia, my life has been a soap opera… since I was a child I had been living in an Institute run by nuns, that taught me how to embroider.

Since my early age, I have health problems, thus I underwent several operations. However this situation did not prevent me from loving my life, rather it gave me  more and more courage to overcome each difficulty I face. Once, being at hospital, I met some nice people. They introduced me to a priest, that helped me to get out of the nuns’ institute. Since then I began to discover my freedom and the real love from many people, that still help me in my bad moments.

I am always joyful, I love to sing, I can fight when unfair situations come up and I am able to fight for me as well as for other people having disabilities like me.

I am very happy about this training. At the beginning I experienced some difficulties and I was almost skeptical to continue.

Instead now, thanks to patience of Valeria, I am satisfied to have completed the course and I thanks my carer.

PC enables me to stay in touch also with friends living far away and to discover wonderful far worlds, even if I cannot travel.