Activating and Guiding the Engagement of Seniors through social media

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Fondazione Giacomo BrodoliniFondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB) is an Italian research centre and a cultural institution, working in the field of Labour and social policies. Having forty years of experience, FGB has developed broad capacities in pursuing researches and offering services at EU level in its fields of expertise. FGB staff include a strong team of researchers and project managers, supported by a network of more than 50 experts with national and international background in prestigious universities and research institutes.

Since 2000 FGB has been providing technical assistance to the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion as Italian member of the Sysdem network of the European Employment Observatory (EEO). Furthermore, FGB has taken part in several EU funded programmes and projects in the field of social inclusion analyzing the role of vulnerable groups (young workers, elderly, women, migrants, etc) in the general framework of social, economic and demographic developments, with a focus on social exclusion, employment and gender.

These projects include:

- “Better Health for Better Integration” is a project funded by the PROGRESS Programme of DG EMPL and coordinated by FGB (2010-2012). It is a project addressing women belonging to ethnic minority groups who often present higher risk of health inequalities with respect to the women in the native population or the minority men;

- In the framework of the Urbact II Programme 2007 – 2013, FGB has coordinated the research activities carried out from thematic experts on behalf of the Municipality of Rome: Active AGE- Managing Change: Impact of Demographic Ageing for Cities. The project, an URBACT II thematic network, is an European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development. The overall aim of the project is to strengthen the role of the Cities in designing and implementing activation policies for older people, by establishing a transnational exchange programme in order to facilitate the transfer of good practices, policies, planning and practice, and to provide capacity building for professional development.

- Labour Market Measures for Reducing undeclared (illegal and moonlighting) work in Private Homes of Elderly People (for DG Employment and social inclusion), to inform the important stakeholders in the selected countries of the proven practices in labour market strategies and measures; Evaluating active aging policies in Italy: an innovative methodological framework (for DG Employment and Inclusion) in the framework of the EES evaluation’s projects.

FGB has gained extensive expertise in managing and coordinating two important EU-level academic expert networks: the European Commission’s employment and gender equality network (EGGE) and the Gender equality, social inclusion, health and long-term care network (EGGSI).

Since 2009, FGB is also the national correspondent for Italy for the SEN European network, the European Commission's Network of experts in the fields of anti-discrimination on the grounds of race and ethnic origin, religion or belief, age, disability, sexual orientation as well as on multiple grounds.