Activating and Guiding the Engagement of Seniors through social media

Adriana Carloni

My name is Adriana, I did a job that gratified me very much 40 years long. In fact, I worked as shop assistant in a wedding dress shop. This made me know and interact with many young people willing to make a family. It made me feel fulfilled.  After this long career, currently I am on retirement. Honestly, I miss very much my job and the relationship with people. I discovered what means having a PC and how it works thanks to a friend of mine that subscribed me to this course (fortunately I was selected). After some lessons I managed to understand how PC works and to communicate with some people.  I owe this to Valeria, great and very helpful teacher, and to the project, that European Union put at disposal of pensioners, making us know new technologies and know what happens in the world. I would never have thought to have my PC and thanks to this project I can communicate and discover wonderful things from home. Thanks again for this great initiative.